Advance Merry Christmas Shayari Messages Status For Facebook Hike 2016 :- Christmas fiver is started and people are mad about enjoying it today we are happy to share with you advance merry Christmas shayari messages and status for facebook which you can update on your every social media sites and also tag your friend with a lovely caption. 25th December is the birth date of Christian god Jesus Christ and the Christian peoples celebrate it as the Christmas. Christmas is festival of happiness, love and joy. On Christmas Christian people honor the birth of Jesus Christ and prey to the Jesus for the forgiveness of their sins, they also thank Jesus Christ for all the good things they have in their lives. Christmas is a time when all the shopping mall, shopping centers, and small shops all become crowded with customers. People purchases many things on Christmas to decorate their home, to give gift to peoples, to make good meal for Christmas and got many other things. People give gifts to their knowing people because it is  a custom of a Christmas.

Advance Merry Christmas Messages 2016

  1. Shi Jie revealed mengxiǎng Shengdan mofǎ we Zhen.
    Xiwang nǐ henduo de lequ reveal Shi chongmǎnle huǒhua ní!
    Zhu nǐ shengdan Kuaile.
  2. Yuan Wenqing nǐ de Shijie chongmǎn
    lianghǎo de Huanhu Zhe Yi revealed shensheng de jijie,
    Bing guanchuan Nian shop.
  3. Zhu nǐ de shengdan chongmǎn
    yǔ Heping whom. Shengdan Kuaile.
    TA Shi d dangao Ñ lazhu yuefen,
    ñ geqǔ Xue,
    ñ songge Huanle,
    Xiao Sheng ñ nobody,
    Jinnian shi’er Yue
    Zhu Yue de shengdan nǐ yǒufule Yige!
    Shengdan quotes-
  4. ZAI DUI blind! -The Feng Hanyi,
    staging that I scold kǒushao, yinwei dozen Hui,
    Jiang jixu wǒmen wǒmen de shengdan Huanle yijiu.
    Meili de shengdan quotes-
  5. jiating dào freeze cracked xinzang dào jiating xinzang,
    Ling freeze dào Yige difang Yige difang,
    xǐyue shengdan de wennuǎn huo,
    Geng jiejin wǒmen shǐ duifang.
    Shengdan Kuaile
  6. A lot of presents under the Christmas tree green,
    goodies for the Christmas table,
    great family atmosphere,
    melody filled with traditional Polish Christmas carols,
  7. as well as a shotgun, bubble Year’s Eve
    and dreams come true in the New Year wishes …
    Good morning & Merry Christmas
    Do not expect too much of Christmas Day.
  8. You can not crowd Into it any arrears of
    unselfishness and kindliness mà
    Garments have accrued the past twelve months khi.
    Faith Makes All Things Possible
    Hope Makes all things work
    Love Makes all things beautiful
    May you have all the three for this Christmas.
    Merry Christmas!

Advance Christmas Status For Facebook Update

May the Christmas spirit bring to you peace and hope. I also wish you good health and hope as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Merry Merry Christmas!


I’m wishing you all the love and warmth that comes with remembering the birth of Jesus Christ during the Christmas festivities. Wish you a blessed Christmas.


I’m aware that Christmas isn’t here yet but I just couldn’t wait up with all the excitement. Here is my advance merry Christmas SMS to you….I wish the best Christmas that you are yet to enjoy….


My wish to you is that the light of Christ’s love will accompany you during this Christmas period and forever. Merry Christmas in advance!


Love that is deep as an ocean, Success that has the brightness of gold, troubles the hat are as light as air , and Friends who have the solidness of diamonds …..These are my sincere advance merry Christmas wishes to you in 2016.


Every other Christmas brings me treasured memories and thoughts, coupled with happiness…and of course the merry and joy that accompanies the celebrations with loved ones! I hope that you get to enjoy all this and much more!!!!!Merry Christmas

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