Mothers Day information and short summary about it :-The role of the mother is very important in our life. Mother’s day is a day for many people to show their appreciation, love and care towards mothers in the world wide. It is an annual event, but celebrated on different dates in across 50+ countries. It is going to held in India on 10th of May 2015. On the second Sunday of May month it is celebrated in India. Mother’s day is a humble effort to acknowledge a Mother’s ever flowing love, care and compliment her efforts to meet her children’s need.  Mother’s day 2015 is the time to honor that mom who give us birth, power and a generous spirit.

happy mothers day
Story behind mothers day

The Modern American festival of Mother’s day was first celebrated in 1910, when Anna Jarvis the social worker in West Virginia, who set up a memorial for her beloved mother Ann Reeves Jarvis, died. Anna’s mission is to set a one day for that mother who give us all the happiness of the world and do anything for us she just want to set a day for all the beloved mother in world wide. From that day, Mother’s day celebrated every year, but in different times and months.

Here’s an another history of Mother’s day in England. It is also celebrated by Christians of England, according to their story they are celebrated Mother’s day on the fourth Sunday in order to respect the Mother of Christ. Christians worship the Virgin Mary (Mother of Christ), offer some gifts and flowers and pay tribute to her.

How can we celebrate Mother’s Day

Mothers day is very special day for all the children. The people who care and love their mothers, they are celebrated mother’s day like a very grand way and special occasion. It is an only day of the year, which is dedicated to all mother’s in the world.

Reasons to Celebrate Morhters Day

Children can make the special arrangements for their moms like to cook a special cake or buy a cake for her. They will design a special Mother’s day card and make her and feel her very very special in this world. They can give her flowers and read a poem for her. We will do many things on Valentines day for our valentines so why can we not do these things for our mother, As we all know that mother is the first love of the child.

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